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Judge sounds off on tow truck turf wars and insurance fraud

April 26, 2021 – An Ontario judge has sounded a warning over the wild west of tow truck wars in one of the first court cases stemming from last year’s police crackdown. Justice David Rose has called for the government to step in.

“The fake car accident industry is now sufficiently lucrative that competition among corrupt car towing organizations has led to internecine violence,” Rose wrote in his ruling. “Tow trucks are set fire to. Shots are fired. The highways in the GTA are dangerous enough without having this added element.”

He was sentencing Vera Kasotty, a minor player in the long list of arrests in last year’s Project Platinum — the York Regional Police-led probe into GTA violence from at least four organized criminal tow cartels.

Kasotty, 61, pleaded guilty to fraud over $5000 and arson.

More than 20 people nabbed in the crackdown face charges that include murder, gangsterism, drug trafficking, gun offenses, extortion, robbery, fraud, arson, assault, perjury and obstruct justice. Toronto Sun reports. | READ MORE