Is Jurassic Fest Montreal a scam? Organizer says no, as ticket holders worry they’ve been bilked

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Aug. 2, 2021 – When Châteauguay resident Laura Cochard saw an ad on Facebook for a Montreal festival boasting life-sized dinosaur robots, fossil displays and amusement rides, she snagged tickets to attend with her two-year-old, dinosaur-obsessed son, Alex. 

“We have dinosaurs all around the house, he goes to bed with dinosaurs — I said ‘he’s going to absolutely love this event,'” said the mother of two, who spent $50 on early bird tickets.

But mere seconds after Cochard made the purchase on the festival’s website, red flags started popping up. 

“I simply bought the tickets and I never got the confirmation email that you usually get immediately after,” she said. “That seemed a little bit odd for me.”

Cochard sent an email to the festival, and after six days of radio silence, she said a friend informed her that a host of online posts said the event was a scam.

Users warned prospective attendees that the festival, similar forms of which are said to have taken place in Australia and are scheduled in Alberta, bilks people of their money and doesn’t deliver. 

This week, Cochard learned the venue that was slated to host Jurassic Fest Montreal — Quartier Dix 30 in Brossard — abruptly pulled out, making the idea that it was a hoax sound even more plausible. CBC News reports. | READ MORE