Investment fraudster Steven Vincent Weeres hatching new schemes while on parole

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Before investment schemer/dreamer Steven Vincent Weeres was sentenced, he had one last sales pitch — urging the judge to cut him some slack so he could recoup his victims’ losses by peddling the same product that got him in trouble.

“That window of opportunity will certainly be gone if I’m incarcerated for a lengthy period of time,” a confident Weeres told a dumbfounded Justice Janet McMurtry back in 2015. His Master Keys to Success software product had cost his investors between $650,000 and $800,000. “I’m confused that you’re arguing now that continuing to do what you were doing before,” the judge replied. “I’m supposed to draw some comfort that you’re going to continue to do that?”

Often during his impassioned pleas in court, Weeres, who conducted his case without a lawyer, was well-spoken and charismatic — likely the same characteristics his victims saw.

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