Investigator in Cape Breton family’s alleged tax fraud outlines companies refund claims to Revenue Canada

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July 14, 2021 – Over a four-year period, a family-run group of 10 Cape Breton companies submitted to Revenue Canada Agency refunds in the amount of $3,628,805.06.

Between January 2011 and July 2015, CRA paid out $275,960.84 in refunds along with another $81,399.61 which was applied to debts owed by the companies to CRA for a total of $307,360.45.

The four principals of those companies are now on trial in Supreme Court in Sydney charged with multiple counts of fraud and filing false and deceptive statements.

Charged are Lydia Saker, 76, of Sydney Mines; and her daughters, Georgette Young, 49, of North Sydney; Angela MacDonald, 47, of Kentville; and Nadia Saker, 45, of Leitches Creek. All of the accused are representing themselves. Saltwire reports. | READ MORE