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‘I ignored a big red flag,’ says Burnaby woman who fell for CRA scam

June 16, 2021 – A Burnaby woman is feeling red-faced because she ignored a red flag about a strange phone call she received.

The caller was claiming to be from the Canada Revenue Agency about taxes being owed.

The caller was putting on the pressure and that was a warning sign.

“It was a big red flag definitely,” said the woman, who didn’t want her name used because she’s embarrassed. “I should have just hung up, I guess.

Cherolle Prince, a financial crimes expert at KPMG, says you want to trust, but verify you really are dealing with the CRA before you give out any information.

“Ask the right questions to yourself, does this call make sense,” she said. “Why does the CRA need that information? Have I provided that to them already? What would they be doing with that information and why do they need it now?”

Prince says a red flag may be if the caller is asking for information over the phone that CRA should already have if they are calling you. Vancouver is Awesome reports. | READ MORE