How a Neils Harbour business helped stop a gift card scam

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Aug. 5, 2021 – Nova Scotia Mounties say employees of a small Cape Breton grocery store are to be thanked for spotting a gift card scam and notifying two victims about it.

In mid-June, a customer at the Neils Harbour Co-op purchased about 20 gift cards totalling $7,000.

“Basically, the spidey senses kicked in,” said acting grocery manager Susan Dowling. “I went and asked him, ‘Sir, why are you buying all these gift cards?’ And I tried to explain to him that there’s a lot of scams going on.”

RCMP say fraudsters commonly ask for payments or gifts that are not easily tracked, such as gift cards.

The man told Dowling the cards were being given to a family from another country.

Unable to convince the man he was being scammed, Dowling said she watched on the store’s camera as he left the store. Among the purchases he made were five $500 gift cards to a beauty supply store. CBC News reports. | READ MORE