Homeowner warns about rental scam

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Langley (October 2, 2019) – Homeowners from Langley warn about a rental scam. Their house was apparently fraudulently posted on Craigslist as a rental property, Global News reported. As already four people were scammed, the legitimate owners of the property are warning people looking online for a new rental home to be extra cautious. The ad has been removed and the Langley RCMP is aware of the issue.

Lillian and Dwain Seymour, a couple from Langley found out that their home had been fraudulently advertised as a rental property on Craigslist. The couple published a warning with Global News making people who are looking for a new rental home aware of the problem.

The phony ad showed original pictures of the property’s exterior, but the pictures which were used of the interior were of a different house. Apparently, the ad also asked the potential renters not to disturb the current tenants by going onto the property or knocking on the door. The post has now been removed from the advertisement website.

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The Seymours stated that it started in mid-September as vehicles drove by their house very slowly, trying to catch a glimpse of the property. Since then, the homeowners witnessed four people who actually have been scammed by the fraudulent landlords. The legitimate homeowners report on a woman with four kids who showed up at their house ready to move in. The woman apparently had signed a lease agreement with the fraudsters and paid them $800 deposit.

The Langley RCMP is aware of the scam and recommends any online shopper to be extra cautious, according to Global News. They also advise would-be renters to do their research and look out for red flags like being pressured to make a down payment or buy something without having seen the object. More information on rental scams can be found on the website of the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.