Statistics Canada warns of Government Census “follow-up call” scam

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May 31, 2021 – The 2021 Census questionnaire was recently sent out to residents and scammers are reportedly trying to take advantage.

Some Ontario residents said they’ve received a “follow-up call” regarding the census and were asked to verify inconsistencies in their questionnaire and provide personal information.

Statistics Canada recently released a statement that confirmed they do call households that have not yet completed their census questionnaire and may also send people email and text reminders, but are encouraging people to be wary and to avoid giving the caller any personal information.

“When they contact you on the phone, census employees will identify themselves clearly,” Statistics Canada said in a statement. “If you are not sure of the validity of a call, email or text message, please call 1-855-340-2021.”

The text message short code used by Statistics Canada is “236732”, and should they contact someone, the message will also include a link to the census website.

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