French bulldog puppy scam exploits COVID-19 crisis

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Kitchener-Waterloo (April 14, 2020) – Waterloo police are investigating several puppy frauds. On April 11, the police received a report about the latest online French bulldog puppy scam. The victim lost $500 after answering to an alleged fraudulent online ad on a buy and sell website regarding the sale of French Bulldog puppies. The scammer used the COVID-19 restrictions as an excuse to be unable to meet the victim.

Scammers are using puppies to lure their victims into paying an alleged deposit. Waterloo police are reporting about their latest complaint of a French bulldog puppy scam in a press release on April 12.

French bulldog puppy scam

On April 11, Waterloo police received a report about a French bulldog puppy scam. An interested buyer fell victim to an apparently fraudulent online ad claiming to sell French Bulldog puppies. This ad was posted on a buy and sell website.

After the victim, contacted the seller to make arrangements to see the puppies, the seller made excuses. The bogus seller took advantage of the current COVID-19 containment measures and claimed that it was not possible to meet with the potential buyer, according to the police statement.

Thereafter, the scammer asked for a $500 deposit, which the potential buyer paid. Subsequently, the victim realized that the ad was a scam and contacted the police.

Ongoing investigation

The Easter weekend victim who lost his $500 deposit is not an isolated case. Waterloo police said that they continue to receive reports about similar puppy scams.

The victims either sent money or bought gift cards to pay for the advertised puppy. Unfortunately, the payment never resulted in receiving their new dog.

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‘Police would like to remind the public not to send money as a deposit or full payment until they have met the puppy they are interested in buying,’ recommends Waterloo police in their statement.

Officers continue to investigate complaints of scams involving ads selling dogs.