Fredericton Chamber of Commerce has been advised of fraudulent activities

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The Fredericton Chamber of Commerce have been advised of fraudulent activities regarding inheritance claims and other legal matters using the chamber’s corporate identity, personal identity, and contact information of our CEO. These activities include, but are not limited to email “phishing” attempts and phone calls.

It is possible that the fraudsters are using other methods that we are not yet aware of.

The Fredericton Chamber of Commerce is not a Law Firm and it does not provide any legal services.

If you have been contacted by our chamber, or if you believe the chamber is trying to contact you regarding legal or financial matters such as inheritances, trusts, estate proceedings, these communications are fraudulent. The chamber would not ask individuals for personal financial information. 

If you have received emails from a member of the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce team saying they are an attorney/lawyer/barrister, then you are likely a target of an attempt at fraud. In this case, you should cease any communications with these individuals purporting to be representatives of the organization. 

For information on Cyber Security, visit The Canadian Centre for Cyber Security.

To report fraud, contact Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, your local police force and/or Canada’s national police force, and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).  

To verify a lawyer’s status to practice law in Canada, check the Canadian Bar Association or the Law Society of New Brunswick. 

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