Fraudsters sell fake gold jewelry in Richmond and Langley

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RCMP found a series of frauds that took place in Richmond where the suspects allegedly attempted to sell fake gold and jewelry under the guise of needing financial assistance. 

One victim is allegedly out $2,500. A public warning was issued by Richmond RCMP on Saturday about a group they believe is behind four incidents of fraud in a four-day period, along with one in Langley.

Police said the suspects approach strangers “under the guise of needing financial assistance.”

While a number of the victims turned down the suspects, in one case a victim was allegedly defrauded of $2,500.

“This modus operandi resurfaces periodically in Richmond and across the Lower Mainland,” said Cpl. Adriana O’Malley.

“These fraudsters use various tactics, including playing to people’s emotions, including by bringing children with them. We can’t stress enough — if someone approaches you on the street offering to sell you gold or jewelry, regardless of their explanation, say no.”

Police say you should walk away and report it to cops.

“In at least one case in Richmond, the attempted fraud was not reported to police. Reporting these types of incidents, even attempted frauds, to police is important. This allows police to attend and investigate these occurrences,” O’Malley said.

“This includes utilizing a variety of investigative techniques in an attempt to identify the individuals involved. It is also important as it can assist police in determining motive as well as potential crime trends.”

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