Holographic decals at Calgary gas stations warn of potential fraud, having rolled them out in Ontario last year

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Silver holographic decals aimed at protecting consumers from fraud can now be seen at gas stations throughout Calgary.

The anti-skimming decals show the Crime Stoppers logo and are constructed to break apart if tampered with, alerting drivers that the gas pump they’re using to fill up their vehicle may not be secure.

“The anti-skimming decals are designed to enhance customer awareness while making it more difficult for fraudsters to compromise fuel dispensers,” Circle K spokesperson Sean Sportun said.

Customers should look for two decals located on the pump. If one or both is missing, they’re asked to ensure the card reader is secure by lightly pulling on it and making sure the keypad area is flush with the console and never loose.

“Before a citizen uses their payment card, they should always look for any signs of tampering on the payment device,” Calgary Police Service spokesperson Staff Sgt. Cory Dayley said.

Initially introduced in Ontario last year, the decals have been rolled out across the country.

They were created in partnership with the Canadian Crime Stoppers Association, Petro-Canada and Circle K Stores.

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This story was summarized by Canadian Fraud News Inc.