Nova Scotia police investigating fraud scheme after woman loses $10,000

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Nova Scotia RCMP is investigating a fraud scheme that has robbed a woman out of thousands of dollars.

The woman from Yarmouth was contacted and told she had won a significant amount of prize money – all she needed to do was pay the fees and taxes.

She was asked to provide the caller with her account number and was then instructed to withdraw funds and send money via wire transfer to various bank accounts across Canada and the U.S.

The woman lost almost $10,000 during the incident, none of which is recoverable.

Staff at the woman’s bank flagged the transaction and advised her to talk to the police.

Nova Scotia RCMP has investigated several similar fraud schemes in Yarmouth, including cases where the caller: offers to take over your computer saying it requires repair; tells you a relative have been injured and needs financial assistance, or says your bank accounts have been hacked.

RCMP said similar characteristics among fraud scams include: some sense of urgency; the caller telling you to not tell anyone; and asking you to send money over wire transfer or to send gift cards to the caller.

Despite the RCMP’s effort to identify the suspects in telephone fraud cases, they say it has been challenging.

Nova Scotia RCMP is asking the public to be critical when receiving calls from unknown sources.

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