Former Peterborough MP Dean Del Mastro’s second appeal dismissed

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Former Peterborough, Ont. MP Dean Del Mastro has had his second appeal dismissed for a fraud conviction.

Del Mastro appealed his 2014 fraud conviction for violating the Canada Elections Act by writing $21,000 in cheques for voter-polling software and knowingly submitting a false return to Elections Canada during the 2008 federal election.

He spent one week of his one-month jail sentence in solitary confinement at Central East Corrections Centre in Lindsay, Ont. in April 2016.

His first appeal was filed in April 2016, which was dismissed. He filed his second appeal in June of this year in Toronto.

On Wednesday, the court said his second appeal had been dismissed.

In its decision, it stated that Del Mastro was properly found guilty in his original trial and that the subsequent decision to dismiss his appeal was correct.

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