Former Olympic sprinter is facing multiple fraud charges

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Kingston (September 24, 2019) – Former Olympic sprinter, Kofi Yevakpor, is facing multiple fraud related charges according to a Kingston police press release. He allegedly tried to purchase high-end SUV’s from three car dealerships in Ontario using fake identification documents. On September 17, he was arrested in the course of an undercover investigation of the Kingston police.

The Kingston Police were made aware of a potential vehicle fraud on September 14 by a local car dealership. The suspect in Kingston Police’s investigation is Kofi Yevakpor, the former Olympic sprinter according to The Kingston Whig Standard. The 47-year-old is alleged to have applied online to purchase high-end SUVs at two local Kingston car dealerships. It is claimed that, for financing, Yevakpor provided copies of forged identification documents. The IDs show his photograph but another person’s name as well as date of birth.

On September 17, undercover members of the Kingston Police arrested Yevakpor when he attended at the first dealership to pick up his selected vehicle. The officers found he was in possession of forged identification documents which would have been necessary to complete the vehicle purchase. The police claim he tried to defraud two car dealerships in Kingston as well as another dealership in Bobcaygeon.

Yevakpor is facing 19 fraud and impersonation related charges and was held for a bail hearing.