Ponzi schemer Rashida Samji sentenced to 6 years in prison

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Rashida Samji was found guilty of fraud on counts relating to 14 of the 284 named investors and companies who were led to believe their money was being invested in a winery’s planned expansion to South Africa and South America. Judge calls it “frankly startling” that Samji took advantage of family and close friends to perpetuate multimillion-dollar scheme.

Former notary apologizes in court for $100-million-plus Ponzi scheme

She apologizes for her actions. Dressed in black and standing at a table directly before the bench, she read a brief statement, voice choking with emotion. “Your honour, there is no right way to do wrong. This thought haunts me day and night,” Samji said. “The clocks cannot be turned back. It might sound futile, but I am truly sorry for the loss, pain and grief endured by the investors.”

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