Former Canadian TV executive convicted of fraud filed false tax returns, hid millions, CRA alleges

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Feb 26, 2021 – A disgraced Montreal TV executive convicted of fraud is facing allegations from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) that he filed false tax returns and hid assets in offshore accounts in Bermuda and other foreign locations.

In 2016, Ronald Weinberg was sentenced to nine years in jail after being convicted in a highly publicized trial of defrauding investors in Cinar, the children’s entertainment production company that he co-founded in Montreal in the 1980s. Weinberg and his co-conspirators were found guilty in a fraud that diverted more than $120 million from Cinar to the Bahamas in 1999, and later disguised the money trail from investors. The Cinar fraud was connected to a larger scandal involving Quebec-based investment firms Norshield and Mount Real, where investors lost more than $500 million.

Now, The Fifth Estate and Radio-Canada’s Enquête have learned that less than four months after the jury’s verdict in June 2016, the CRA was making new allegations against Weinberg that he “knowingly” or through “gross negligence” concealed millions in foreign assets. CBC News reports. | READ MORE