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Facebook Messenger scammers that targeted users across many countries busted

April 27, 2021 – The cybersecurity company Group-IB claimed to have detected fraudulent activity across 84 countries carried out by scammers through fake updating of Facebook Messenger. Users located in Asia, North and South America and the MEA regions have been victims of this scam. The detailed information regarding this entire situation was released in one of the blog posts of the Singapore-based company. The alleged updated version of Facebook Messenger was promoted through ads and gathered through the fake login credentials page.

The blog post specified that the company analysts tracked down close to 1000 such fraudulent accounts that were endorsing these ads. The report mentioned that this fraud was initially detected by their DRP analysts in mid-year 2020 somewhere in Asia and Europe. The number of posts on Facebook that encouraged the phony update nearly reached 6000.

The accounts registered by imposters had similar names such as Facebook Massenger, and messanger and their display pictures were updated with original Facebook Logos. This strategy was used to lure people into believing that they were genuine accounts. Group-IB also mentioned that the fraudsters also created shorter links to ease the moderation process of Facebook. Such links were created using assistance from linktr.ee, bit.ly, cutt.us, and so on. technobezz.com reports. | READ MORE