Extradition hearing set for Karim Baratov, Canadian accused of aiding Yahoo hackers

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An extradition hearing has been set for Karim Baratov, the alleged Yahoo-hacker wanted by American prosecutors in relation to an international cybercrime ring that involved over a half-billion user accounts.

Attorneys for Mr. Baratov and the Justice Department will argue his fate before a Canadian judge on Sept. 8, Justice Andrew Goodman ordered Friday during a court hearing in Hamilton, Ontario.

Mr. Baratov, 22, was arrested in March under the Extradition Act and is wanted by U.S. prosecutors in connection with charges related to the colossal Yahoo breach that compromised upwards of 500 million user accounts in 2014.

The Justice Department alleges Mr. Baratov assisted three Russian men — including two intelligence officers — wage a wide-scale hacking scheme targeting journalists, politicians and private-sector employees by helping its architects breach a handful of internet accounts using previously stolen Yahoo credentials.

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