Ex-CSIS informant, construction boss Roland Eid guilty of all 10 counts in year-long fraud trial

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Sometime after 11 a.m. Monday, Superior Court Justice Timothy Ray will give us his take on Roland Eid — the building tradesman charged four years ago with fraud in connection with his company ICI Construction. The proceeding before Ray began little more than a year ago, wrapping up in early March. Ray has been dissecting a small mountain of evidence and testimony ever since.

The case, nearly a decade in the making, has been avidly followed in parts of Ottawa’s business community — not least because Eid belongs to a prominent family of Lebanese immigrants. His oldest brother, Jean, is a partner with the upscale hair design salon, Rinaldo’s. Eid Eid, an executive with Nova Software, previously served as chief technology officer at Corel Corp., the graphics software company founded by Michael Cowpland. Judge Ray made do with the evidence before him. His conclusions, and verdict, will be of great interest to many in the capital region’s business, construction and intelligence communities.

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