Employee of Morden business charged for gift card fraud

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Morden (December 9, 2019) – Morden police arrested a 19-year-old employee of a local business who allegedly had been stealing gift cards from the company and fraudulently adding credit to the cards over several months. The police investigation started on October 18 after the business reported the fraud. Hence, the police revealed that the total value of fraudulent credit exceeded $60,000. As a result of the investigation, the police charged the employee with Fraudulently Obtaining Credit.

A Morden business reported to the police on October 18 that a 19-year-old employee had been caught by a co-worker stealing gift cards from the firm and fraudulently adding credit to the cards. Thereafter, the suspected employee has been terminated and arrested, Morden police announced in a social media post on December 6.

Employee Gift Card Fraud

The police investigation revealed that the accused employee obtained credit by fraud for several months. Furthermore, the total value the employee fraudulently obtained exceeded $60,000. The company assisted the police investigation.

19-year-old charged with Fraudulently Obtaining Credit

While the accused employee has been arrested, the police recovered more stolen gift cards. Consequently, the resident of the rural municipality of Stanley, Manitoba, has been charged with Fraudulently Obtaining Credit and is scheduled to appear in Morden Provincial court this month.

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