Email scam is targeting local businesses in Regina

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Over the past few months, Regina Police want to warn public about an email scam defrauding Regina businesses.

In a statement, the Regina police said “Several Regina businesses have fallen victim to this scam in the past six months, and as a result, were defrauded thousands of dollars.”

The fraudsters target the business during a payment transaction with another business.

This scam is convincing because the initial email communication is legitimate, however, police say the email transaction can be intercepted.

Regina police said “this is when the scammer will make slight changes to email addresses and account payment information – often so subtle that they go unnoticed.”

Regina police have provided a list of tips to raise awareness on this issue to prevent the future victims:

  • Check for subtle email account address changes and changes to account payments
  • Before sending large sums of money, confirm the details over the phone to ensure you have accurate information.

Police warn that the scam also appears in several other forms. More information on this is available at the Regina Police Service’s website.

Any businesses that have fallen victim to this scam or other fraud attempts are asked to call Regina police. This article was originally sourced by Global News.