Edmonton police charge alleged credit card fraudster

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Edmonton (December 5, 2019) – Edmonton police charged an alleged credit card fraudster on November 28. The 42-year-old, Joe Schur, is accused of defrauding an Edmontonian out of more than $25,000. It is believed that he conducted credit card fraud while making 145 purchases throughout Edmonton. The authorities charged Schur with Fraud Over $5,000 and Possession of Credit Card Data.

Another investigation regarding credit card fraud led to charges in Edmonton. The police identified and charged Joe Schur for allegedly defrauding an Edmontonian out of more than $25,000, they said in a statement on December 2.

145 purchases in Edmonton conducting credit card fraud

The 42-year-old man is accused of using a stolen credit card between August 16 and September 19. Police believe that Schur made a total of 145 fraudulent purchases in clothing stores, restaurants, and casinos throughout Edmonton during that period.

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On November 4, the police issued a media release in connection to the investigation. Therewith, the authorities were seeking the public’s assistance identifying the male suspect. In the press statement, the Edmonton police thanked the media and the public for their assistance.

Alleged Edmonton credit card fraudster identified and charged

Subsequently, on November 28, Edmonton police charged Schur with Fraud Over $5,000 and Possession of Credit Card Data. At this time, Schur was already incarcerated for unrelated offenses and he will remain in custody.