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Durham regional police warning residents of computer software scam

Durham regional police are warning residents of a computer scam after two victims came forward with reports of private information being stolen.

Two separate incidents have been reported involving a suspects who contact customers pretending to be a security representative from Apple or Microsoft. The perpetrators have then sold victims software protection for their computers. Once the purchase is complete the foreign unknown software is installed on their device.

From the incidents, Durham regional police have found that Months later the suspects called the customers back to advise the victims that there’s an issue with the software and that’ll be fully reimbursed. Apparently then the fraudster returns the money to the victim’s account only to call back and state the company overpaid the amount owed.

The victims are requested to wire the outstanding difference, and although they do, they are unaware that the fraudster has already done this without their knowledge. The software installed on their computer is a form of malware and collects all the information on the hard drive including sensitive data.  

Durham regional police have stated that the suspects in these two cases have gone after older victims and appear to be open and honest, often waiting months to act out the fraud and gain access to sensitive information and large amounts of cash. So fraud this scam has cost the victims over $32,000 in total.

Durham regional police are asking anyone with information about the scam or anything related to it, to contact them at 1-888-579-1520.

Read the full story at the DRPS website.

This story was summarized by Canadian Fraud News Inc.