Disbarred lawyer gets one-year jail sentence from Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench

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Feb. 25, 2021 – The Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench has sentenced an Edmonton lawyer, who was suspended and disbarred after having stolen from clients’ trust accounts to one year in prison for “egregious and flagrant” misconduct that included continuing to practice after disbarment, using a junior lawyer as a front.

Shawn Beaver’s “highly aggravating contemptuous illegal conduct favours a heavy step by the Court,” said Associate Chief Justice John Rooke, in a decision released Monday. “There are no mitigating factors for Mr. Beaver. He cannot purge his contempt.”

Rooke ordered that Beaver, 52, report to the Edmonton Remand Centre three days after the release of the court’s decision. Beaver, a criminal defence lawyer was disbarred in February 2017 after the Law Society of Alberta found he had stolen money from clients’ trust accounts held by his firm. Canadian Lawyer Magazine reports. | READ MORE