Defendant in MUHC fraud trial wants charges tossed

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One of the defendants in the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) fraud trial is seeking to have the charges against him thrown out based on the Jordan ruling.

Yohann Elbaz, once of the five defendants in the case, is facing several charges, including fraud and money laundering.

The Crown alleges top executives from SNC-Lavalin paid a $22.5-million bribe to MUHC senior administrators to secure the $1.3-billion contract to build the McGill University Health Centre’s Glenn superhospital.

Yohann Elbaz is a lawyer and the brother of Yanai Elbaz, a former MUHC executive also charged in the case.

Elbaz’s lawyer filed a motion requesting a stay of proceeding based on unreasonable delays. Elbaz was arrested in April 2013 and only got his trial date on Wednesday.

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