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Decision in connection with New Can immigration fraud scheme

Canada Deports Yan Wang for Her Role in the Sunny Wang Immigration Fraud Scheme

Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Board ordered that Ms. Yan Wang be deported from Canada on the basis that her immigration application was based on false information.

The Board held that Ms. Wang acknowledged that she was employed by Xun “Sunny” Wang’s company New Can Consultants to provide various services in the Calgary area. According to Ms. Wang, from mid-2010 through mid-2012 Sunny Wang paid her to find addresses where letters for New Can clients could be received, to forward those letters to the New Can office, and to pick up New Can clients from the Calgary airport, take them to the Canadian Immigration Centre office in downtown Calgary, and take them back to the airport.

The Board further held that Ms. Wang acknowledged that Sunny Wang asked her to get two new phone numbers in her own name which would be used by New Can employees. She acknowledged in her testimony that she had intercepted mail at various addresses, scanned those letters, and sent them to Sunny Wang. This was confirmed by evidence in Sunny Wang’s Agreed Statement of Facts; for example, copies of certain emails Ms. Wang sent to him saying that specific, named clients had received particular types of Canadian Immigration correspondence.

The Board, therefore, found that Ms. Wang knew the essential contents and subject matter of those Canadian Immigration letters, which clients they were for, and the addresses to which those letters had been sent. She also knew that the clients did not actually reside at those addresses. The Board concluded that Ms. Wang’s activities were part of a pattern of criminal activity planned and organized by Sunny Wang and his associates have not been seriously disputed.

The Board noted that the BC Provincial Court had already found Ms. Yang’s involvement in the arrangement of false addresses and phone numbers, the directing of Canadian Immigration correspondence, and the clients’ flights to Calgary to attend immigration interviews, were all intended to mislead immigration officials about the clients’ residency so that they could acquire or maintain immigration status without actually fulfilling the requirements. This amounted to fraud, which are indictable offences under sections 127 and 128(a) of the Act and under section 380(1) of the Criminal Code, respectively.

The fraudulent scheme required the coordination of the activities of various New Can employees’ in different cities to ensure that the right documents were processed and that clients showed up at the right time — and with the right information — for their Canadian Immigration interviews. Doing so brought Xun Wang, and to a lesser degree his employees like Ms. Wang, significant financial gain. Based on the above reasons, Canada ordered Ms. Yan Wang to be deported to China.

This judgment was released on June 28, 2019, but not published on legal search platforms until June 2020. “Yan Wang” does not register on a google search regarding her role with “Sunny Wang”.  At Canadian Fraud News, we provide the public with notice of fraudulent conduct that has not been published on the internet. The full decision of Yan Wang’s role in the Sunny Wang and New Can Consultant fraud can be read here.