Data breach class-action lawsuit launched against Capital One

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Vancouver (August 07, 2019) – The Vancouver law firm Charney Lawyers launched a class-action lawsuit against Capital One as a consequence of the massive data breach earlier this year according to CTV News. Since March 2019, a hacker was in possession of the personal information of six million Canadian Capital One credit card applicants and cardholders, on whose behalf the class-action lawsuit has been filed.

Among the 6 million affected persons whose name, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and self-reported income, as well as credit information, were stolen, the social insurance number of 1 million Canadians were gathered.

A software engineer who was a former Amazon employee allegedly compromised the highly sensitive information from Capital One’s cloud storage. She was charged with fraud and abuse.

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Capital One is not an isolated case. 2019, from the Quebec-based credit union Desjardins, the personal data of 2.7 million customers were stolen and the credit-reporting company Equifax settled a pending class-action lawsuit over the 2017 data breach with a record amount of up to US$650 million in the U.S.