CRA scams on the rise: Winnipeg police

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The Winnipeg Police Department say they have received more reports of phone-based Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) tax scams in recent months.

The police are warning the public the scammer will try and get your personal information during the phone call and then demand you pay outstanding taxes.

Some of these calls can be quite aggressive, some fraudsters even threaten that the police will come to your home and arrest you.

The scammers will direct people to pay their outstanding taxes by going to a store and buying a prepaid gift card or credit card, or going to a place that transfers money. Once the fraudster has the details from a prepaid card or money transfer, the money is lost and cannot be recovered.

Police remind the public that the Canada Revenue Agency already has your information and will not use the phone to solicit it. The CRA would also never ask you to purchase gift cards or transfer money.

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