Courtice couple plead guilty to participating in scam that defrauded seniors across Canada

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July 5, 2021 – An elderly Courtice couple have been given suspended sentences and terms of probation after pleading guilty to taking part in an international scam that targeted seniors across Canada.

John Perk, 79, and his 76-year-old wife, Pharolyn Perk, were arrested in September of 2020 following an investigation by Durham police. The frauds, which are alleged to have begun in 2018, saw victims receive calls informing them they’d won cash and vehicles in a sweepstakes-style lottery and were required to send money in order for their prizes to be released, police said. 

The Courtice couple assisted an international criminal organization with ties to Hungary and Jamaica by receiving cash from victims, then relaying it on to those running the scam, court heard. reports. | READ MORE