County couple sued in alleged multi-million dollar digital fraud

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A Prince Edward County couple and a third unnamed person are the focus of a civil lawsuit alleging they were the creators of a digital NTF offering launched in 2021 known as the “Boneheads.”

An NFT stands for non-fungible tokens, digital markers describing products, access or special benefits that are promised but not necessarily real. NFTs are an offshoot of cryptocurrency and are bought and sold online.

The Boneheads allegedly offered artwork and access to the latest in digital design and fashion.

According to a two-and-a-half page article in the Saturday Toronto Star, two men, lawyer Sohaib Habib and Taylan McRae-Yu, have launched a civil lawsuit after McRae-Yu lost money very quickly in the Boneheads initial offering. They did their own online research and the article says people worldwide lost $4 million in the alleged scam.

The men say the scam originated from a home in Prince Edward County, naming Alexandra Stinson and her boyfriend Ivan Avramenko along with an unidentified person as the originators.

The article says the men approached various police agencies but all declined to investigate the matter.

Stinson and Avramenko, in a statement of claim, maintain that their promises of benefits were “just a preview” of possible perks, not binding promises, and there was no timeline for the delivery of the benefits. A court proceeding resumes in July.

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