Contractor arrested for taking $64K to restore cottage, but leaving it unfinished

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July 12, 2021 – A cottage country contractor has been arrested and charged with fraud — again — this time for allegedly bilking the Toronto woman who originally blew the whistle on him.

CBC News first reported on Scott “Scottie” Eisemann last year when a woman paid him $64,000 to put her cottage on blocks, build a new foundation and then set it back down again.

The cottage in Bracebridge, Ont.,197 kilometres north of Toronto, belongs to Liz Saunders and her family. It was built by her grandfather in the 1930s.

Instead of completing the job, Eisemann is accused of taking Saunders’s money, walking away from the job and leaving the modest cabin perched precariously on wooden blocks two metres off the ground.

Saunders says she’s pleased police have charged Eisemann.

“These are just allegations at this point, but my cottage is still six feet in the air. Hopefully, the justice system comes through,” she said. CBC News reports. | READ MORE