Claude Langlois of Moose Jaw, Sask, convicted on fraud and theft related charges.

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Claude Langlois, of Moose Jaw, Sask, has been sentenced to two years less than a day for a total of 17 offences related to fraud, shoplifting and possession of stolen cheques.

Langlois, 50, has pleaded guilty to charges of fraud and theft totalling just under $14,000 which primarily took place in last December and January. Crown Prosecutor Rob Parker noted the significance of this case due to the fact that four of the charges stem from Langlois targeting elderly people in retirement facilities.

It’s been reported that Langlois approached members of an elderly care facility stating that his car had broken down, and upon asking for cash to have it fixed, traded a forged cheque. Other charges Langlois pleaded guilty to include stealing batteries from a Walmart in Regina, Sask, using stolen credit cards, possessing cheques belonging to someone else and shoplifting.

Parker told the court that the single most “aggravating,” factor about this case is that Langlois had been doing this type of thing “non-stop,” for close to 20 years.

With the Crown seeking a 30-month sentence and Langlois’ defense team hoping for a 20-month term, Judge Daryl Rayner split the difference at 729 days. After credit for remand time, Langlois still has 471 days to serve going forward.

Also, upon release Claude Langlois  will serve a year of probation and will be prohibited from entering the premises of any elderly care facility.

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This story was summarized by Canadian Fraud News Inc.