Chilliwack RCMP searching for woman associated with credit card fraud

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March 21, 2021 – Chilliwack RCMP are on the look out for a fraud suspect at large in the Fraser Valley community. Police are looking for a woman in relation to alleged credit card fraud. The search for the woman began when police initiated a traffic stop on Dec. 30, 2020 that led to the seizure of property reported stolen to Abbotsford police. Police arrested and released a 32-year-old man from Chilliwack during the traffic stop.

Cpl. Mike Rail said as officers pursued their investigation, they linked additional credit cards from the theft to transactions completed at Chilliwack retailers from Jan. 4-7, for which the unidentified woman is a suspect. She is described as a Caucasian female, 5’6”, 275 pounds with black hair and associated to a blue four-door Hyundai sedan. Castanet reports. | READ MORE