Chatham-Kent police warn residents of spoofing scam

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Chatham-Kent police are warning the public of a scam call that claims to be from police headquarters.

On Monday, police disclosed a report from local resident which said that the Chatham-Kent Police Service front desk number was “spoofed” and used by someone claiming a person had stolen his identity and opened several accounts in his name.

“Spoofing occurs when a caller ID is manipulated to show a trusted phone number. This tricks people into answering the call and believing they are speaking to a trusted source,” the release says. “Do not rely solely on call display to authenticate who is calling.”

Police say the potential victim was able to recognize the call was suspicious and refused to give out any personal or financial information.

Please remember to never giver out personal information online, unless you trust the source. Do your research and call the company yourself if you are hesitant.

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