Casualties pile up from Sunny Wang’s mass immigration fraud

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April 20, 2021 – The casualties from what government officials call the largest immigration fraud in Canadian history continue to mount. The latest people to pay a high price because of their involvement with a notorious unlicensed immigration consultant in Richmond, Xun ‘Sunny’ Wang, are his former employees, some of whom say they were mere “pawns” who didn’t realize they were working for a criminal organization.

A Federal Court judge has banned from Canada a woman from China who ran small tasks for Wang for three years, even though she says she didn’t realize he was engaged in cooking up fake passports, false Canadian addresses and phony jobs for more than 1,600 would-be permanent residents.

Hundreds of Wang’s clients, and their children, have already been punished by border officials in various ways because they collaborated with the bogus operator, who was able to rake in more than $10 million in revenue on which he did not pay taxes. Vancouver Sun reports. | READ MORE