Canadian Fraud News Retraction — A note from the publisher

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On September 25, 2017, Canadian Fraud News Inc. published an on-line article with the headline Toronto Lawyer Jailed for 45 Days by Court of Appeal for Obstructing Fraud Litigation.

This article focused on contempt of court proceedings against a lawyer who was counsel to a debtor of the Business Development Bank of Canada.

The lawyer has advised Canadian Fraud News Inc. that references to ‘obstructing’ and ‘fraud litigation’ are offensive.

The story itself made reference to BDBC’s application for judgment as against the lawyer’s former client pursuant to the oppression provisions of the Ontario Business Corporations Act. (“OBCA”)

The article sought to focus on contempt aspects of the Court’s ruling in the context of assets alleging being transferred when debts were outstanding. Canadian Fraud News Inc. remains committed to this line of reporting.

It has come to the attention of Canadian Fraud News Inc. that the solicitor at issue has brought a motion to seek leave to appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada of the finding of contempt and the sentence made against him.

It has also come to the attention of Canadian Fraud News Inc. that reference to “fraud litigation” may have led to confusion with the proceeding brought under an “oppression application”, and that reference to “obstruction” may have led to confusion with “contempt proceedings”.

For this reason, Canadian Fraud News Inc. has removed the aforementioned story from its website.