Canadian court refuses FBI’s request to snoop on Megaupload servers

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The Ontario Court of Appeals has told the FBI it’s not allowed to review servers from file-sharing service Megaupload. The company has 32 servers based in Canada, of which the FBI suspects may be crucial in the legal implications against Megaupload. The Canadian servers are thought to primarily be database and number crunching machines, wheres the American servers simply hosted the material.

The Court’s decision is the latest in a battle between American authorities and Megaupload head Kim Dotcom taking place in the US, Canada and New Zealand.

In its decision, the Ontario Court of Appeals read, “It is offensive to the appearance of fairness, and specifically the appearance of judicial impartiality, to have an entity closely associated with one of the adversaries provide the judge with the necessary report.”

Dotcom is fighting extradition on fraud claims to the United States from New Zealand to face charges.

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