Calgary bitcoin YouTuber scams cryptocurrency scammer back for a good cause

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Calgary (August 07, 2019) – Calgary YouTuber Ben Perrin exposed an attempted bitcoin fraudster on Instagram. The scammer reached out to him with a too good to be true Bitcoin investment offer on Monday. He convinced the fraudster to send him US$50, which he donated to charity and subsequently unveiled his scheme.

On Monday, the scammer reached out to Perrin on Instagram with a too good to be true Bitcoin investment offer, unfortunately for the fraudster they targeted the wrong person. Perrin is the host of BTC Sessions, which is a YouTube channel that educates people on the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Furthermore, he is the marketing director for a Bitcoin company. So, the cryptocurrency expert decided to strike back and beat the scammer at their own game. The fraudster claimed to run a Bitcoin mining investment platform where they would do the mining for their investors. The ridiculously tempting offer Perrin received was that his investment would be doubled within 24 hours.

Perrin pretended to be inexperienced and a newcomer to Bitcoin, but willing to invest $20,000 with them. With the help of a faked bitcoin wallet statement and the bluff that he received a better and more trustworthy offer, he talked the scammer into sending a confidence-building transfer beforehand which he promised to send back afterward. He demanded $100 and in the end, the scammer sent him $50.

As soon as he received the money, Perrin unveiled his charade to the fraudster and donated the $50 to charity. The scammer’s Instagram account is now deleted.

Generally, people who receive suspicious messages are strongly advised not to respond and report it to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, or those who believe they have been a victim of fraud should contact the local police.

You can read the full conversation between Perrin and his fraudulent investment adviser on his blog: