Burnaby tenants duped in parking scam that sells strangers’ unused spots

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July 9, 2021 – Three residents and drivers in Burnaby, B.C. were recently conned out of rent money for apartment parking spots that didn’t even belong to the person they paid for them. 

A tenant referred to as “Chuck” from the community of Brentwood in Burnaby recently told Vancouver Is Awesome how he got fooled into paying $150 to rent a spot in the building where he lives. He made the deal over text message (per the unwritten rules of COVID), and it was going well until he came home to find his truck missing. 

“So I got a hold of the property manager and they said they got a complaint someone was parking in their spot and so they had it towed away,” Chuck told VIA. “I told them I paid to use the spot and that’s when I found out someone else was running a scam renting spots they didn’t own. I totally fell for it.”

After paying to get his truck back from the tow impound — and finding it had been damaged along the way — he canvased the building with images of the phone number and messages to see if anyone recognized it. Two others stepped forward saying they’d also rented spots from the same number. driving.ca reports. | READ MORE