Burnaby-based national Canada Revenue Agency scammer, facing nine fraud charges, has fled Canada

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July 16, 2021 – An investigation into a complex fraud scheme operating across Canada has resulted in nine fraud-related charges being laid against a suspect from Metro Vancouver, who has fled the country.

B.C. RCMP and Federal Serious and Organized Crime explained in a news release on July 15 that in June 2019, a B.C. RCMP financial investigation team launched a national investigation into crime groups allegedly involved in an “elaborate telemarketing scheme” that was conducted across Canada.

Members of these groups were contacting Canadian citizens while pretending to be representatives from the Canada Revenue Agency, banks, police, or software companies, and these scammers instructed victims to send cash through courier companies.

Seven victims lost a cumulative total of $198,700—however, $90,000 was intercepted and returned to the victims.

Investigators determined that a 27-year old resident of Burnaby was allegedly involved in this scheme involving four associates who used both encrypted and unencrypted social messaging platforms to communicate. Straight.com reports. | READ MORE