Brantford woman charged with fraud in connection with children’s charity

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A Brantford woman is facing 21 charges related to fraud after complaints were filed on behalf of residents concerning falsely sold food in connection with a children’s charity.

Natasha Lapointe, 30, was arrested by Brantford fraud detectives on Sept, 20, after people reported being defrauded between March and May 2017.

Lapointe is accused of going door to door, pretending to represent a fundraising initiative on behalf of the Lansdowne Children’s Centre. Lapointe claimed to be selling cookies and pizza on behalf of the Lansdowne centre for school kids to go on trip. Another ruse was a claim to being raising money for the local breakfast program.

Victims of the scam gave Lapointe over $500 with none of the people were given receipts and none of the money was handed over to the Lansdowne Children’s Centre. In one example, a victim wrote a personal cheque to Lapointe , which police were able to trace through financial institutions. The children’s charity released a statement about the fact that they knew it was false was because the charity requires receipts, for donations to be acceptable.

Detectives followed evidence and statements provided from victims to where Lapointe lives who turned herself in without incident.

Lapointe was released with promise to appear in court on Nov, 3.

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This story was summarized by Canadian Fraud News.