Brantford student victim of rental scam

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A Brantford, Ont. student was defrauded out of $2,000 after falling victim to a Kijiji sublet apartment scam.

The student, who was returning home to Brantford for the summer, placed an advertisement to sublet her apartment in the St. Catherine’s area on Kijiji. She received an email from a woman claiming to be from China who was interested in renting the property; the woman even sent the victim a photograph of her passport for identification purposes.

The fraudster mailed her a cheque for $2,400 when the victim only asked for $400. The Chinese woman later told the victim that her banker had made a mistake and had issued a cheque for too much money and requested the victim to e-transfer the excess $2,000 back to her. Several days later the victim’s bank told her that her personal accounts had been frozen because the cheque she received from the Chinese woman had been fraudulent.

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