Brampton woman directs fraud allegations towards local gas station

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A Brampton gas station is in the middle of fraud allegations after a local woman has come forward and stated that one of meters on a gas pump kept ticking, long after she had finished filling her tank.

Nelly Mathews says she was filling up her brand new pickup truck with her husband at the Bovaird Drive and Chinguacousy Road location and was shocked at the discovery.

“We pay enough for gas as is in Canada, let alone in Brampton. This is fraud” she said. Her husband recorded the experience on a cellphone.

The couple initialled complained to a gas attendant who put them in touch with a manager. An apology was given but the duo were still forced to pay a large amount of the $147 reflected on the meter.

“We paid $100. Not as much as what the pump said, but we don’t really know how much we really put in because the meter kept on going” said Mathews. “It only stopped when we put the nozzle back in the machine.”

In 2016, a CityNews report revealed that more than 280 pumps across the GTA are said to be faulty. Petroleum Analyst Dan McTeague from says the government needs to have pumps tested more frequently than the mandated two years.

Since her complaint was filed the faulty gas pump has been taken out of service but Mathews says she won’t be returning to that specific location anytime soon.

McTeague also said that it’s important for drivers to keep their eyes on the meter when they fill up.

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This story was summarized by Canadian Fraud News Inc.