Better Business Bureau’s list of top consumer scams in 2016

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Reports to BBB Scam Tracker in 2016 confirmed that tax scams are still the top scam, despite a huge drop in reports after a September police raid in Mumbai, India. The list was compiled based on more than 30,000 scam reports filed by consumers.

Top three scams on the list same as previous year

BBB Scam Tracker is a free interactive online tool launched last year by the BBB Institute for Marketplace Trust. Not all of the consumers lost money, as many recognized the scam before being victimized but reported it anyway to help warn others. The top three scams on the 2016 list – tax scams, debt collection scams, and sweepstakes/prizes/gifts scams – were the same as in 2015. New to the top ten are online purchase scams and phishing scams. Employment scams are also new to the top ten because work-from-home scams were included. 


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