Auditor general to investigate alleged real-estate fraud in Quebec

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Quebec’s finance minister, Carlos Leitão, has asked the province’s auditor general to investigate an alleged fraudulent real-estate scheme that might have benefited the Quebec Liberal Party. “The auditor general will investigate all transactions, which means everything, leases, sales, from 2003 to 2012,” Leitão said on Wednesday. “We have absolutely no objections to that.”

Did fundraisers defraud the government through real estate transactions

A report by Enquête, Radio-Canada’s investigative program, alleged the former head of the Société immobilière du Québec (SIQ), Marc-André Fortier, and three Liberal fundraisers defrauded the government through a series of real estate transactions between 2003 and 2008. The SIQ has since become the Société québécoise des infrastructures. It is a Crown corporation that manages government properties.’

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