Apples New Update Makes it Easier to Report Fraudulent Apps

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Studies have shown that a significant percentage of top App Store apps were scams. Apple is now made it easier to report such behaviour. The latest App Store update, iOS 15, lets you “report a scam or fraud” for both free, in-app purchase (IAP) and paid apps, provided you’ve installed the app in question. 

The new feature, detailed by Kosta Eleftheriou and Richard Mazkewich on Twitter, signal a scam or a fraud and not just “Report suspicious activity,” “Report a quality issue,” “Request a refund” or “Find my content” as before. Previously, you would have also needed to make an in-app purchase before you could highlight a scam or fraud, but that’s no longer the case. 

The Verge acknowledged that the “Report a problem” feature itself returned to individual app listings for the first time in years.

Apple made small changes when it released new App Store Review Guidelines in June. At this time it was obvious that Apple was starting to take a tougher stance on fraud, scams and developer misconduct.

Lousy apps on the App Store included VPNs that convinced customers into buying unneeded software, bad dating apps, QR readers and apps fraudulently claiming to be from major brands. The apps may have defrauded users out of an estimated $48 million. This article was originally sourced by Yahoo News.