Another tax evasion counsellor found guilty of fraud

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Yet another B.C. advocate of the “natural person” theory of tax evasion faces possible jail time for teaching hundreds of Canadians a fraudulent scheme for dodging the tax man. North Vancouver’s Michael Spencer Millar is set to be sentenced this month after a B.C. Supreme Court judge found him guilty of filing false income tax returns, evading income taxes, failing to pay GST and counselling fraud.

Paradigm Education Group and ‘natural persons’

Millar was an “educator” for the Paradigm Education Group, an outfit that taught students they weren’t required to pay any incomes taxes if they declared themselves “natural persons.” He and his colleagues falsely suggested that only “artificial persons” who have agreed to be taxpayers have any responsibilities under the Income Tax Act.

Group’s founder sentenced to five-and-a-half years in prison

Last week, another key player in the group was sent to jail for his role in the scheme. Keith David Lawson received a sentence of 18 months on convictions for income tax and GST evasion, and counselling to commit fraud. The group’s founder, Russell Porisky, was sentenced this summer to five-and-a-half years in prison.

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