Alleged Nova Scotian serial rent fraudster arrested

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Goffs (December 20, 2019) – Halifax RCMP arrested alleged Nova Scotian serial rent fraudster, Nadav Joseph Even-Har, in a stolen rental car in Dartmouth on December 18. The police received a report about Even-Har, who refused to pay for a hotel stay. During the investigation, they discovered outstanding warrants from Antigonish Country in Even-Har’s name. In total, he is now facing 17 charges in connection to fraud, theft, and forgery.

Nadav Joseph Even-Har, the man who has been called ‘serial rent dodger’, ‘nightmare tenant’, and ‘professional squatter’ in the last months by the media has now been arrested by Halifax RCMP for fraudulent activity and theft of a rental car on December 18.

Arrested for fraud and stolen property

According to a press release from December 19, Halifax RMCP started their investigation after they received a report about a man who refused to pay for a hotel stay. The man fled before the police arrived.

The suspect turned out to be 40-year-old Even-Har. At that point, he was in possession of a car he started renting November 22, according to CBC News. However, the car had been reported stolen since he never returned it. Shortly after, the police located Even-Har in the stolen car in Dartmouth. Subsequently, they arrested and charged him with Fraud and Possession of Stolen Property over $5,000.

Nova Scotian serial rent fraudster

During the investigation, the Mounties discovered outstanding warrants from Antigonish County in Even-Har’s name regarding theft accusations. Furthermore, there have been media reports accusing him of defrauding several Nova Scotian landlords. In the reports, he is described as a ‘nightmare tenant’ and ‘serial rent dodger’.

Even-Har is now facing a total of 17 charges in connection with fraud, theft and forgery. Moreover, Nova Scotia court records show that he already has been convicted multiple times for forgery and theft. Even-Har is now scheduled to appear in Dartmouth Provincial Court on December 20.

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