Albertans warned about asphalt paving fraud

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May 4, 2021 – Service Alberta’s Consumer Investigations Unit is warning Albertans about unscrupulous asphalt paving companies currently travelling throughout Alberta that commonly target residential, commercial, and farming residents in small towns and rural communities.

These paving companies often approach consumers stating that they have leftover material from a recent paving project in the area, and will offer to pave a driveway or parking lot at a discounted price, says Service Alberta.

Albertans who agree to such offers are then instructed to stay off the freshly paved surface for a period of time (often days or weeks) to allow the surface to harden. However, once the consumer begins to use the driveway or parking lot, it begins to crack, crumble, and disintegrate. The work provided fails to meet the minimum industry standards, says Service Alberta. Vulcan Advocate reports. | READ MORE